3 Items To Include In Your Wedding Photography

Wedding photography isn’t all about the couple.

wedding photographers hampshireThere are other inanimate elements involved too. Yep, we are talking about things. The small trinkets that decorate the wedding hall should also be considered for the wedding photography. They act as fillers that fill in the gaps for the wedding photography. A wedding album only filled with pictures of guests will get boring after the first few pages. A good wedding album offers viewers a break from the many pictures of smiles. A couple shots of a few wedding décor will keep your viewers’ attention on the wedding pictures. Plus, these small trinkets will add to the genera atmosphere or concept your wedding album is going for. Being realistic, you can’t really photograph everything little thing in the wedding. For all you wedding photography newbies, here are three things which you should make your wedding photographers Hampshire take pictures of.

The first item to photograph should be the floral décor.

The key to great wedding photography is to let the viewer of the album feel that he was there during the wedding. He needs to be transported back to the glorious event. Thus, you need to have a few snaps of the décor, specifically the floral one. This is the iconic practice of a lot of clients. They would demand that the wedding photographers Hampshire snap a few pictures of the flowers. For them, it is a great way to add colour to the wedding album. The bride’s bouquet is included in this category. Have the photographer snap a picture of the bouquet in a vase to complete the wedding photography.

The second item is the wedding cake.

If the floral was to add colour, the wedding cake is to add sweetness. Literally. The cake is a very important thing to photograph; Wedding photographers should never miss this confectionary delight. The cake actually symbolizes happiness and good life to the newlywed couple. Thus, it would be a stroke of bad luck if it isn’t captured on film. Get a few angles of the cake before the wedding reception. Make sure you get a nice clean shot of it. This is, after all, the highlights of the night. You should also not forget to snap a picture of the bride and groom cutting it. Cutting the cake has a symbolism of its own. For a gag gift, you can have the wedding photographers Hampshire snap a before and after photo.

The third item is the rings.

The wedding rings should have a wedding picture all to themselves. Wedding rings beside one another is the perfect opening picture of any wedding photography album. Clients usually commission their wedding photographers to get different pictures of the wedding rings on different surfaces. People believe that the rings symbolize the promise of love between the two lovers. Without the rings, the wedding wouldn’t have been possible. The shots with the rings can vary. They could be on top of a white surface with small trinkets or around the finders of the newlywed couple. Either way, it would be a crime if the wedding photographers Hampshire neglected to capture a picture of the jewellery.