4 Beautiful Tips for Your Wedding Bouquet

wild wedding flowersThe part where you get to choose the flowers for your wedding bouquet is the most enjoyable one. You want to choose the flowers that will match your theme or probably your dress. It has to be fresh, elegant, and simply stunning. And lately, the trend has been leaning towards using wild wedding flowers!

What are some great tips for choosing the flowers and the arrangement? Check them out!

Same color, different flowers

The same color can be owned by lots of different flowers available. Depending on the season, you have to make do with the flower that will be available. Most of the time, though, it’s possible to get the flowers that may not be available at where you live by delivering it. However, just remember that the delivery process takes time and will affect the appearance of the flowers.

The best way is to get flowers that are closely available to you to retain their freshness. So, if there are other flowers of similar shape and color that you can use, it might be a better choice.

Rustic theme

Rustic flowers are the trend lately and the beauty in it is unexplainable. When people before like to arrange flowers in a beautiful pattern, the new trend believes that true beauty shouldn’t try too hard to look so. Yet, the technique to craft a bouquet that comprises of wild wedding flowers in a seemingly wild arrangement yet pleasing to look at is very hard.

We suggest that you visit www.briarroseflowers.co.uk for the best florist in town in a rustic themed wedding bouquet. Rustic theme likes to make use of deep, rich colors, such as violet or deep purple, she can use any kind of colors into the mix. If you like the lively tone of orange, she can do it for you. She’ll also help to suggest the best flowers to use on your wedding day.

A quick tip for you is that color of the year for 2018 is purple, so you might want to try going with an elegant mix of purple into your wedding theme or bouquet!

Don’t try too hard

Some brides think that it’s only right for them to choose from the flowers down to how the flowers should be arranged. For some flowers enthusiast, this might be possible. But if you never had a hint about types of flowers, what they mean, the season they’re available in and the range of colors that exist, it’s going to be a lot of work!

Leave the job to your florist and you can make special requests about how you want your flowers to look like. It’s better this way than stressing out about the specifications of the flowers. You won’t enjoy the process that way!

Don’t forget the pictures!

You might be so focused on the beauty of the flowers that you forgot to get a solo picture of the bouquet! Don’t forget to ask your photographer to take a picture to memorize this beautiful bouquet that won’t last forever.

You should also take a lot of pictures with the bouquet, such as with your family members and close friends. The wild wedding flowers might last for a couple of days or a week at most, but not forever!