5 Most Difficult Things about Being a Wedding Photographer Dundee

wedding photographer DundeePhotography is a special profession because it involves creativity and skills to excel. But like any other profession, there are lots of advantages and disadvantages associated with it. It is a very tough job and not everyone can escape it. Here the most difficult things about being a wedding photographer Dundee

Getting started

When you want to become a wedding photographer Dundee, you are faced with lots of challenges. First of all, you need experience in taking pictures weddings for you to your first job, but you can’t acquire experience until you are hired. This is a problem for starters most times. Starters who have the zeal of starting on their own will be tempted on to do a second shooting for an already established photographer to acquire experience. But it is important to know that it takes lots of hard work and patience to get that needed experience.

Not only is it tough to get jobs but the money to start up the business is quite tough too. Photography needs a lot of investment monetarily for you to succeed in any wedding show you are called to perform. You need money to buy multiple lenses, flashes, memory cards and multiple batteries. You can decide to rent some equipment for the first few years, but if you’re serious about getting into the business, you need to some cash.

The business

There are so many aspects of the wedding photography business that can be challenging. First of all is how to get the business to run well for a long time. As a starter, you will realize that because you are the owner, you will perform the work an accountant, bookkeeper and also the graphic designer. You need lots of learning before the business can run smoothly.

Lots of work

There are lots of work associated with wedding photography such as bookkeeping, branding, pricing, and paperwork. You will get to know why most weddings photographers don’t get a lot of rest. There is a myth that wedding photographers work once in a week and get lots of cash. But in reality, they work five days a week, they have meetings and also evening shoots most times.


In most part of the world, wedding occurs due to seasons. It is either winter or summer, in those months as a starter you will find it hard to get jobs and this makes it really difficult to get lots of money for yourself.

Not easy taking shots

It is not easy taking shots because weddings last up to eight hours and it may even last up 22 hours. That time needs lots of emotional and mental efforts too. You may decide taking energy drinks throughout but carrying your gear on your shoulders can make you easily dehydrated.

No doubts, I know reading all these about being a wedding photographer Dundee can be daunting. It is not necessary giving sweet talks about the job – it’s tough. But there are lots of wonderful things about this job that is fascinating. The most crucial point is the determination and having it in mind to be successful in this profession no matter what it takes. If you have good passion for creating images for people you can try this wedding photographer Dundee and get more insights on this job.

That said, being a wedding photographer means you will take lots of sweet cakes, and that is the hint of a magical professional.