5 Newborn Photography Props a Denver Newborn Photographer will Need

Denver newborn photographerProps are probably one of the most useful things that a Denver newborn photographer will find themselves featuring in a shoot. It is however important that the photographer should not get distracted by them and cramp them into one photo shoot. It is important to keep the props and the use of them as simple as possible. For newborns, the best props to use are those that have classic tones, different textures and light colors. The newborns are delicate and should serve as the main focus of Denver newborn photographer Rachel Grace rather than the props that can overwhelm the focus if care is not taken.

The following are some simple props that can be made use of and they in no way affect the photo shoot:


The wraps are the perfect props to use when the photo shoot has just commenced. It is safe to say that newborns that are used to the cocoon of their mom’s womb would prefer to be swaddled on a constant basis hence, the use of wraps. There are newborns that would sorely hate to have parts of their bodies exposed such as their hands and feet and when the Denver newborn photographer makes use of the wraps, they are less likely to be fussy.

Throws and Blankets

Another prop to consider using happens to be throws and blankets. Just like the wraps, they can be used to wrap the baby but if you already made use of a wrap, then why not have the newborn be placed on the throw or blanket or have them hold on to the blanket in their little fists. It is important that care be taken as to the type of material or fabric used to create the throws and blankets. This is because there are certain textures of fabric that can be rough on the skin if care is not taken.

Fake furs

When used right by the Denver newborn photographer, fake furs can serve as brilliant props for amazing images. They can be used to layer the basket or crates for a newborn or they can be placed on the floor where the newborn lays.


Most parents see the merit of having their newborn wear a cap or little bonnet. This is to prevent them from catching a cold and even in the practicality of their use; they can serve well as a prop in the process of a newborn photo shoot. Having the little one feature in a cute little hat while their picture gets taken is one precious moment for the photo books. The good thing about the bonnets is that they come in various shapes, designs and colors so they can always fit into any background or theme.

Flokati Rugs

When it comes to the flokati rugs, they perform an interesting role which is to add texture to the background of any image. They are also available in different colors. To make sure that the newborn is comfortable when placed on the rugs, extra padding can be used as well.