Baby Photography: Amazing Tips for Mothers

baby photoshootBaby photography is a great thing to do. You’ll get to have cute pictures of such a memorable time and be able to look back at it over and over again! To make your photography session even more fun and enjoyable, check out amazing tips from Stephen Bruce Photography for mothers who are looking for a baby photoshoot session.

When should I book my baby’s photography session?

Roughly on your fifth to the eighth month of pregnancy is a good time. Baby photographers tend to be booked out, so you might be thinking of booking earlier. But entering the sixth month is the best moment as your condition is steadier and you still have great chances of booking your favorite baby photographer.

Don’t plan to book after you’ve delivered. Chances are, you’ll miss those precious moments and the opportunity to do a newborn photography session. Of course, there are also parents who don’t really mind as long as they have pictures of their babies regardless of pose and age.

How long is the session going to be?

Depends on how your baby will be and your availability to feed! A newborn session typically requires the baby to be calm and content, which means the baby will spend most of the time sleeping. Sleepy baby needs full tummy. Full tummy means mommy has to feed her baby before the photography session starts! Usually, the session will take 2 hours for a quiet baby, but it can take up to 4 hours! This is including cleaning up the set, break time and feeding time for mommy.

It can be challenging when you are a mother who is adamant to a feeding schedule. But just for this moment, you will need to have your baby calm and cooperative to get great pictures! When the baby is uneasy, it is hard to calm her down except by feeding or warming up the place. So, it would be better if you wear comfortable, casual clothes during the session.

Do I need to bring my family?

Yes! Photographers highly encourage their clients to. Baby photography looks just so much more amazing with their loving family members together in the frame. Bring older sisters or brothers and even your pet!

Our photography studio will have refreshments ready for you and your family member while waiting for the baby photoshoot session to finish. You should bring your children’s favorite toys for the wait too!

I’m worried about the mess.

It’s totally fine, Mom. We’ve done this so many times and because we love these babies, we don’t mind with any kind messes they make! Remember to bring an extra diaper, blanket, and clothes for your baby to wear on the way home.

We are professional baby photographers who are always ready to clean up and take care of the set, so you should just relax and enjoy the session!

Do I need to bring anything?

It’s totally up to you. If you want to see your baby is a cute outfit that you have, bring it along! If there are any props you’d like to try, pack it with other clothes.

Rather than bringing, pay attention to preparing. Make sure your baby is well fed and comfy before reaching the studio. Undress your baby and wrap her in a blanket, because the baby will be changing several blankets during the photography and is moved around.