Building Trust in Clients

photographer DundeeAny photographer Dundee will agree that building trust in people that you’ve just met on Skype is hard. It becomes so much harder when we realize that trust is of absolute priority to create great memories and pictures.

So, what can you do? Some people are just not gifted with skillful tongue and the way with words. It might bring you to the thought of attending a charisma class to learn how to speak.

Well, that’s not a bad idea, but what if you can at least learn a thing or two here, right now, for free?

Start with facial expression

Relax. Easier said than done, but there’s a trick to it. Take a deep breath, hold for 2 seconds, and exhale it. This is something that many of us unconsciously do, but know that this helps put tense muscles in relaxed mode.

Don’t force yourself to smile. Rather, think of happy and positive things. Even if they are unrelated to weddings, it’s totally fine. What you need to do is put yourself at a comfortable mode.

Where you meet

Meeting through Skype might be easier, but in a way, you’ll know that your clients will only be focused on your face. Remember this:

  • Do not lean back to your chair, a seat on a stool or anything that does not let you lean back.
  • Learn to listen attentively. As you do this, you’ll notice that your head nods whenever you listen to a statement that you can relate to or agree with. This is a good sign that lets your opposite speaker know you’re listening.

This also applies to direct meeting, but in Skype or video call, it’s more prevalent to take notice of these two points.

In the direct meeting, pay more attention to this:

  • Not cutting conversation.
  • Giving feedbacks and responses.
  • Not having your hand on your face, such as resting head in hands. It’s like telling those people, “Nope, I don’t really care nor interested in you and your wedding party.”

Body language accounts for more than half of what you say. So, it’s a good thing that you pay attention to how you position yourself.

When you talk

Stop talking about yourself. Stop talking about your offers and stop talking about how great of a wedding photographer Dundee you are. Start asking your clients. Start the conversation. Start commending and sympathize with their worries.

Clients want you to listen and provide them with a solution, not your blabbering on your achievements, especially when those things are already clearly shown on your site.

Meeting and getting close to their important people

Some couples will want to invite you to their rehearsal dinner. This is a good chance that one should never miss. No matter what people say about them not attending and still do their job just great, don’t think of this lightly.

Rehearsal dinner is the moment when all important people are gathered. You know how awkward it is when you have to order the guests around during the group pictures? Attending rehearsal dinner will help you a lot. You get to know the names of at least several of them, and most importantly, the family members of your clients.

There’ll be a lot of moments where you have to stand close to the parents and take their pictures. Imagine how awkward and uncomfortable it is to them when you suddenly popped beside them as they wipe their tears. It just ruins the mood!