How to Get a Client with Fine Art Tendencies?

fine art wedding photographyIt happens often on the field. You meet up with potential clients and many of them tell you that they don’t really understand how fine art is going to be different compared to other styles. In fact, they don’t care and some might even tell you that’s not something they particularly seek for.

How, then, do you get those clients who actually prefer fine art wedding photography to look at you?


Attractive pictures are the first things your client would stop and stay to look for a long time. People have tendencies to admire beautiful things regardless of their meanings. Appeal to customers that your pictures are always mesmerizing and focus on the visual of everything.

Might as well reason with them that getting a professional wedding photographer should grant them something that is special. Something they’d love to see over and over again and stuns others. Your job won’t just be to capture the moments but to capture them in all their beauty and fantasy.


You can explain about fine art photography briefly to those who don’t understand. Stay away from talking at length about the history, techniques and hard-to-understand topics. Stay with what is captured and why people will love it.

The strength of fine art is the visual quality. It goes hand-in-hand with having great camera equipment in your hand. You can explain whilst show an example of a picture you worked on. If it’s a picture of a couple holding hand in a garden, start with saying that anyone can take this shot, but not just anyone can take, configure, edit, and print it is such a way that preserves the beauty of the bride and the moment.

Short and concise is the best way to get your client interested in fine art wedding photography according to

It’s not just about the picture

Some clients might argue or simply assume that fine art looks better when they are doing posed pictures. It’s because you can tell them where to stand and time it to get that perfect moment. This is partly true, but it doesn’t mean you cannot take good pictures during the wedding either.

As a wedding photographer, all of us has to be able to take pictures during the moment from the right angle, with the right settings. Our style simply dictates the methods and colors that we put into our camera, but it doesn’t mean we cannot do it.

Reportage is something that fine art photographer can also relate to. However, explain that you focus more on the beauty of one moment to another, rather than taking documentary pictures. You will not miss a thing in the party, regardless.

One of a kind

The power of visual attraction is that it tends to create one of a kind pictures. You will love how each of them just looks amazing enough to be printed in a big size and hung on your living room’s wall. Fine art wedding photography captures amazing moments and the view of the venues you’ve rented costly and you’ll definitely love them even after decades of looking back.