Important Things To Remember In Wedding Photography

Shot list

wedding photographer norfolkMake sure that you have a reasonable shot list set in place for your wedding photographer. This is something that you and your photographer will have to talk about in advance or ahead of time or it may never work. The emphasis here is on the adjective reasonable because there are certain things that you ought to think about or keep in mind all of the time when you are trying to get things like this created or composed with the wedding photographer Norfolk that you are working with. A wedding photography shot list must be reasonable in such a way wherein it should be comfortably in line with the kind of schedule and pace of production that your wedding photographer Norfolk has.

You can’t expect a pair of shooters to keep tabs of over 200 people in one wedding event. If you are planning out a wedding that huge, then you need more photographers to be on deck. Talk to your photographer about what the considerable ranges are and try to see if you will be able to go ahead and compose your shot list from there. A shot list is crucial because it will serve as your professional photographer’s guide on who to keep in mind or remember all the time when he is going through with your photography coverage. If you have a great aunt that you are particularly fond of, then make sure that she doesn’t get drowned out in the crowd and include her along with all of the other people important to you in the shot list that you are planning to create.


Make sure that you are realistic when it comes to the schedule that you are mapping out at the end of the day. You can’t plan things out from point A to point B. you have to make sure that you are getting enough transitions in between schedules in order for something like this to work. For example, if you are mapping out the schedule of your wedding program from the ceremony leading up to the actual wedding reception party and the two things happen to be in different venues, then you should include around 30 minutes up to an hour or so in order for you, your guests, along with your photographers to have enough time to travel from one place to the other without messing up the itinerary for the day. You have to think ahead of the game all the time if you want this to work.

First look

First look photos are very important and the kind of photos that you should be having with your partner no matter what happens. It is the short period of time right before the wedding starts wherein the bride and groom can have some private time with their photographer.

Chin up

Don’t give the camera a handful of your forehead all the time. If you are going to get this done right, then you need to make sure that you pick up your head one way or the other. This is unnecessary and no the extra attention that anyone needs. Keep your chin up all the time and smile if you can remember to do so.