What Do I Need to Know About Baby Photography?

Calgary newborn photographyPreparing for the arrival of new member is always full of excitement. Is it going to be a girl or a boy? Will she look like mom or will he look like dad? How should I decorate the room? Oh, I shouldn’t forget about taking some pictures to put up in the living room!

And so, we have this guide prepared for all mothers out there about baby photography, from types, style and what makes them different from each other.

Baby photography vs. Newborn photography

So, yea, they are different. Newborn photography has a pretty narrow window time and once you miss it, it’s gone forever. Newborn photography has to be done within 14 days. Usually, Calgary newborn photography has to be booked early to make sure that there is a photographer ready immediately after you deliver.

Some parents choose to have their newborn pictures taken at the hospital right after the baby is born. Others prefer traditional or lifestyle Calgary newborn photography.


There are several reasons parents prefer or had to do this. Babies that have to be put in NICU will need the photographer to come over and snap their pictures. You can get the permit from the hospital depending on which one it is and which country you’re from.


As for traditional ones, newborn is brought to the studio to have pictures taken by a photographer. The first page of this site, http://dulcebabyphotography.com, has some examples of pictures that are taken traditionally. Newborn is posed on blankets, in bean bags, or other cute props that are made of safe materials. Parents can make requests if they have any and discuss it with the photographer anytime during the photography session.


For this one, your newborn photographer will instead come to your house to have pictures of the baby taken. The set will be various rooms within your house and outdoor space if possible. This one gives out a more natural feeling to the pictures as parents feel more relaxed. Pets should also be included in the pictures. The theme of Calgary newborn photography is the baby and family members, so don’t hesitate and just enjoy the process.

Your baby is older than a few weeks old now? Don’t worry, you can still have baby pictures taken! Since baby is more active by now and likes to open their eyes as well as move around, the pictures will be full of adorable expressions and poses.


This is the most booked package by parents. All kind of packages are typically done on the studio, from birthday bash to themed pictures. Because of this, different photographers will come up with different ideas to offer. Some provide themes parent will love, others provide 3-in-1 packages that allow you to take pictures of your baby progressively. Whichever your favorite is, you will have a lot of time to try them out.


Similar with lifestyle newborn photography, pictures will be taken at home and photographer will come to visit you. It is important that you let your photographer knows how your house looks like to find out if it is possible to take decent pictures. The best lighting to use with babies are natural light, so rooms need to have enough windows and means to let light shines in.