Wedding Planning Money Saving Pointers

Be smart with the DIY.

sheffield wedding photographerEven if it might seem like you should DIY everything because it gives you the impression that you can save so much money in the process, that might not always be the case. Sure, there are a lot of things that you can DIY and save up a lot on money on such as in your wedding invites and the like but learn to pick your battles when it comes to this. Overdoing the DIY thing can lead to you spreading out yourself thinly enough for you to get anything done or for you to think through anything when it all comes down to it. There are even some DIY stuff for your wedding that will end up costing you way more money and way more time in the process so before you do anything, do a quick math computation of how much it will cost you and how much time you are going to need to accomplish it along with whether or not you need to have people help you out with it or not.

If you happen to find any DIY pegs on Pinterest or on any other similar sites, try to talk to your wedding coordinator about it at first. This way, you get to check right off the bat if they can get it done for you and if they can give you a fairly reasonable price for it as well. You will be surprised how some of these coordinators can be quite creative in what they do. Unless you absolutely have to, try to veer away from the DIY stuff. You might end up fixating on them too much and this will eventually bleed out all of your energy and resources which you could have otherwise used in a more resourceful and practical manner.

Carnations are underrated.

Brides are usually quick to scoff and brush off carnations as sound choices for when they are picking out their wedding flowers but when arranged with the right types of greens and flowers, they can easily substitute the way that peonies look. They are just as puffy and just as colourful but they cost at least 5 times less than the peonies do. Talk to your florist about what the economical choices are. Your guests won’t be there trying to assess the price tags of your flowers in the first place. Carnations are cheap, they are almost always in season, and you never have to import them from anywhere because they practically grow everywhere and this is what you need to tap into if you would like to look into options that will really stretch your budget out and make your money go a long way. A great Sheffield wedding photographer will be able to make the photos look impactful if he is skilled enough, whether it’s carnations or some other more expensive choice.

Work with your menu.

Don’t just agree to the cut and dried menu that your caterers hand out to you. Even if they are there to provide you a service, they are first and foremost a business and they will of course give out the choices or the packages that will bring them the most amount of profit at the end of the day. Sort this out with the caterer and try to see if you can get equally hearty meals without the punishing expenses that they usually come along with.

Off the rack dresses aren’t half bad.

If they fit well and if the style is good enough, you will be able to pull anything off with the right amount of confidence. Plus, if your Sheffield wedding photographer is worth his salt, he can make you look good in anything.