What’s in the Fine Print?

wedding photographer Northern IrelandDid you know that the fine print of your contract with your wedding photographer Northern Ireland can result in legal issues?

Making sure that your fine print does not contain things that you cannot tolerate or is majorly disadvantage for you is important. Reading them and asking for clarity from your photographer before signing the contract is very important. It’s understandable that when one is in a happy mood and have talked things through with their photographer, they tend to skip the reading part and just sign the contract.

Who is going to shoot?

Make sure that the person who is going to become your main photographer is the person you’ve been consulting with. You don’t want to pay a professional price just to get an assistant to do the job! Ensuring that your photographer does not put any clause that renders it inevitable for you to demand it when it’s not the guy you want that comes to your wedding.

On the other hand, make sure that there is a substitute ready to shoot in the case that the photography is not physically available to shoot. For example, if he breaks his leg or arm or has to undergo a medical procedure that prevents him from attending your wedding, someone of the same caliber has to be able to attend in his stead.

Is he insured?

You also want to make sure that your photographer is insured. Why? Because accidents happen! And the insurance can most probably protect you, your photographer and any third party involved from having to experience financial damages. www.cathmackenzie.com is an example of a wedding photographer Northern Ireland who is insured and can show you proof of insurance.

Who’s going to have the right of the pictures?

Knowing who will get to reproduce the pictures that your wedding photographer shoots are important. Check your fine print carefully on this fact. The copyright will control where you can post the pictures, how you can use the pictures and whether you can reproduce them again.

Some photographers make it clear that they own the rights and that their clients should never reproduce or sell their works to anyone else. So, whenever you need to print out the pictures again, you come and look for him again. Others will just leave it to the hand of the clients. This means you can post them online and even sell them if you want.

If you want to post them online, most photographers are ready to send you watermarked pictures of your wedding. This will protect their artwork and ensure that nobody misuses the pictures.

Are you allowed to criticize?

There are photographers who put up the clause that their clients should not be able to comment negatively about their service. While the court will still rule you right most of the time because clauses in fine print should not withhold the right to express your opinions, it’s best that you can avoid such situation, right?

Quality guarantee and prompt delivery

Make sure that your wedding photographer Northern Ireland is also able to guarantee the quality of the pictures they will provide. Also, check out how long will it take until the pictures and the albums are available for you. You don’t want to wait a whole year for your wedding album!