Why You Should Get Photo Booth Hire for Your Event

hire a photo boothAt the end of the day, what really counts is that your guests have the time of their lives.

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular. If you have noticed, nowadays, event organisers hire a photo booth to make the gathering livelier. You’d expect something as old and classic as a photo booth to have phased out in this new technologically advanced age we find ourselves in. You will be disappointed. Technology has rather increased their popularity and functions.

Photo booths today come in all shapes and sizes; with lots of interesting options. Some offer wi-fi options and connect to your social media accounts in real-time. Some offer 3-D photo options. Some offer boomerang videos and animated GIFs with 3-d options too.

These things are there to bring out the fun in your guests.

So, if you are considering hiring a photo booth for that baby shower, birthday party, office get together, bar mitzvah, or for just that regular house party, here are a few reasons why you should not change your mind.

And if you have not contemplated hiring one, here are some telling you why you should change your mind.

Photography Shouldn’t Be A One-Man Job

To hire a photo booth from http://www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth does not meant you are replacing the the event photographer. However, having a photo booth reduces the pressure and takes a lot of stress off his or her shoulders.

Don’t be surprised if your photographer could not capture everyone. It all depends on the size of the event and eventual number of guests.

Photo booths are a fantastic way around this problem. Many photo booth hire companies will give you the option of getting your photos after the event also. You will see everyone who had a funny silly little moment in the photo booth; and your friends and guests will see those pictures too. They might even want to have their own copy if they don’t.

That way, your hired event photographer is not always on demand, which will easily wear him out.

Hiring A Photo Booth Is Stress-Free

On your own part, you only need to book a time and date with the company. They will handle the logistics. You do almost no-work and the time for the company to set up and get ready does not reduce the time for you to plan your event.

Companies will always assign personnel to make sure that the photo booth functions properly and see to it that your guests have their own fair share of fun. These personnel will also stand into explain “the way it works” to your guests.

Photo Booths Are Very Flexible

One amazing feature of photo booths is that they are hugely customizable to align with the theme of your event. Traditional photography cannot give this luxury. Not that photographers are not needed, but the idea of a setting that fits with the theme of that party is something really worth looking out for. Custom strips can be put on the background of the pictures people take and it will remain that way forever. People will always remember that day, your day, when they take a look at the pictures.

They Are Inexpensive to Hire

Not to mention that photo booths are very affordable. Due to the increase in demand, more investors have gone into the business and provided really nice photo booths at inexpensive options.

Compatibility with Any Type of Event

Finally, and most importantly, photo booths are not “event-specific”. They fit well into almost all kinds of events that have fun as a central or side theme.


When you hire a photo booth, you stand to lose nothing. Instead, you have given your guests something to remember and thank you for. So why not hire a photo booth for that beautiful event coming up?